The Vintage Photo Arts Collection contains previously unpublished photographs, lithographs and other images dating from the 1850’s through the 1980’s. Included in this collection of over 10,000 images are incredible historical and vintage photographs, train photos and unique and artistic nudes.

 The oldest photos are the work of a group organized in 1892 called the Orange Camera Club. Their original charter was to elevate photography to an art form, a novel idea in the 1890s. The club garnered awards and gained prestige becoming affiliated with The New York Camera Club, The British Royal Photographic Society, Alfred Stieglitz and other well known groups.

Most of Orange Camera Club photos are black and white though a few originals were hand colored by the photographer using special dyes on glass. The quality and uniqueness of these images is extraordinary. Great care has been used to preserve the feel and quality of these photos during the restoration process of the glass plate negatives and lantern slides.

Also available is an amazing assortment of black and white train photographs, taken by a retired train engineer from 1930-1945 as he traveled  across the United States taking black and white pictures of locomotives, utility and work trains, passenger trains, trolleys, etc. 

Exhibited here are a few of the over 3000 artistic nude photographs and stereoviews, dating from the 1900s to the 1980s, ranging from the subtle black and white of the turn-of-the-century to the “hip” studio photos by Walter Paist from the 60s and 70s.

You will also find unique lantern slides from the 1900s-1930s and rarely seen, reproduced chromolithographs dating from 1850 through the 1920s.  Other parts of the collection are nature illustrations, Audobons from the mid-1800s and other lithographs.  Of special interest is a wonderful variety of historic images of New York City, dating all the way back to the late 1880s through the 1900s. 

This collection is of particular interest to corporate buyers, galleries, interior decorators, architects, dealers, and frame shops.